The company's profileBaby clay is a private company. It has been established in 2006. Its main objective is to produce advertising materials, media units, T.V series, and commercial and entertainment songs by using graphics and the most sophisticated and modern information and communications techniques.

The company ServicesThe company combines its long work experience with a strong commitment to provide its customers services.

T.V Series and SongsThe company produces entertaining religious instructional, educational and classical series and songs through the use of D animations 2 and D animations 3 and clay media techniques.

Advertisements The company designs and displays attractive advertisements by using clay, D animations 3 & 2 media techniques. The company has already designed and displayed a large number of advertisements, including without limitation, USP advertisement for the Communications Company based upon cloy technique.


Special works already carried out and displayed by the company.


A T.V series called "The Heart of the Moon" produced by "Cairo voice company for audio visual Aids" (2004/2005 AD)


An executed product called "Intervals between Ramadan cannon fires "produced by the specialized Nile channels" (2006/2007 AD )


An executed product i.e a T.V series called "The wonderful vegetable" produced by "Cairo voice company for Audio – Visual Aids " (2007 AD )


An executed product, i.e a children series called "Goha" produced by "The specialized Nile channels" (2008 AD)


An executed product, i.e a children series called "Cindrella" Produced by the Egyptian television in 2009/2010 and stored by actress Dina Samir Ghanim and actors khalid Abu El Naga and Amir Karara.


An executed product i.e on advertisement for Egypt telecom. (2011 AD )

Spcial works already orady designed and prepared by the company but have not been displayed yet.


An executed product, i.e a T.V series called "The mermaid" produced by M.E universal company, in 2010 and stared by Mona Zaki


A children series called "Telling a story" currently under production. 2013/2014